Deep insights into human behavior
on a global scale in real-time

What we do

We transform raw, human activity data into valuable insights.
What we do


We collect billions of data points about human behavior globally, aggregating geo-location and demographics, as well as online and spending behaviors to create insights on human profiles.


We process and anonymize those data points using our advanced, predictive algorithms to find answers to the world's most challenging questions.


We have designed solutions which answer questions such as: Where should a retailer build their next store? How much capacity should a train line handle? Our products provide new and untapped views of human behavior.


Using the latest advancements in Big Data processing and data science, Teralytics unlocks unprecedented insights into human behavior on a global scale.
Data points captured by Teralytics since you entered the page
In Today’s world, content and services are consumed across a variety of digital channels, such as mobile devices, the web and digital TV, with digital credit card payment.
Teralytics collects and analyzes these digital footprints in order to gain an unprecedented overview of consumer behavior. This knowledge helps businesses and governments provide improved services and makes the world a better place.


We at Teralytics make data on human behavior accessible on a global scale without ever compromising an individual’s privacy.
Using technological breakthroughs in large-scale, real-time data anonymization and aggregation, we set new standards in data protection.
Data privacy is first and foremost in our minds. We have worked with regulators around the world to ensure that we have processes in place to comply with all country specific regulations.

Teralytics is proud to be ISO certified according to the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems standard. This demonstrates our commitment to following the highest standards on data security and control.

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Who we are

We are driven by our passion and the challenge of using data science to solve one of the world’s toughest problems: understanding human behavior.
Founded as an ETH Zurich spin-off, our diverse team consists of 40+ PHDs, engineers & business experts with backgrounds at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, ETH, NYU, NUS and track records at Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, UTC and CERN.
With offices in New York, Zurich and Singapore, there are more than 20 nationalities driving Teralytics. If you match our enthusiasm, apply here to join our mission today!




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