We understand how the world moves.

Data helps us better understand the state of the world today. And empowers us to enhance the world of tomorrow.

We’re Teralytics.

We use big data to spark big change.

We are revolutionizing the way data is gathered, understood and utilized.

Humans are complex beings. The better we understand the ways we think and move, the better we can build spaces, cities and transportation systems to meet our needs and desires.

We transform signal into solutions.

From signal

We capture data at the source.

We partner with leading telecom companies and data partners around the globe to capture information about people’s geographical locations, commuting habits and demographics; all completely anonymized to protect privacy. We believe, if used correctly, data has the power to solve real-world business problems, enhance people’s lives, change the cities we live in, and ultimately the world.

To solutions

We unlock insights into human behavior.

Our team of world-class data engineers analyzes the raw data and translates it into rich, actionable insights on human behavior to solve some of the world's toughest problems.

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