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The Teralytics approach transforms transportation planning and operations by providing up-to-date mobility insights of unprecedented accuracy and inclusiveness. Wave good-bye to partial or outdated information and guesswork.

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Build transportation networks of the future.

Plan and run mobility services with confidence, utilising insight that is based on the most accurate and inclusive indicator of people’s mobility – mobile signal.

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Teralytics Matrix

Teralytics Matrix lets you see instantly how people are travelling within your chosen region, and understand how this may be changing throughout the day, weekdays to weekends, season to season, year on year.

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Matrix Trends

Matrix Trends is a powerful module on top of our Matrix mobility datasets, which lets you explore mobility trends over time with a few clicks, and visualise your findings using a range of easy-to-use features.

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Teralytics Streets

Teralytics Streets allows you to optimise traffic flows in your road network by giving you instant access to street-by-street traffic volumes and trip patterns that occur any time of day, any day of the week.

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Mobility insights that reflect the changing world

Throughout this year, we’ve introduced a number of new capabilities to our Matrix platform, reflective of your growing need to understand and measure mobility and…

Mobility Transportation planning
Teralytics for SPNV Planning WEBINAR
Teralytics for SPNV Planning – Webinar

Listen to our webinar to learn how NAH.SH GmbH, the public transport authority for the Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany, and Intraplan, a renowned German transport…

Case Study Mobility Transportation planning
Teralytics for traffic models with VMZ
Teralytics for traffic models with VMZ – Webinar

VMZ is working with Teralytics to break new ground in building reliable and representative traffic models with the use of anonymous mobile data. Listen to…

Case Study Transportation planning