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Rapid urbanization is challenging today’s cities and our environment. Ride-sharing is changing our streets. Self-driving cars and the Internet of Things are a reality today. The way we travel within and between cities is evolving. To keep up with the pace of change, it is vital for cities, transportation operators, car manufacturers and ride-sharing companies to gain comprehensive knowledge on how we move.

Teralytics offers the most advanced insights on human mobility based on cutting edge data science, proprietary machine learning algorithms and deep technology, capturing billions of signals every day from cell towers and other unique sources.

Advanced insights

We transform signal into solutions.

  • End-to-end journey analysis

    Invest in smart mobility. Future-proof transportation. Understand how many people travel between any two places and by which mode of transportation.

    "Data covering all modes of transport, 24/7, was not available until now - Teralytics is changing this."

    Georg Polzer

  • Incident and disaster response

    Be prepared for natural disasters. Respond effectively. Know how many people live in impacted areas and how they move before, during and after an event.

    "This data is a tool to organize and develop cities and transportation networks to benefit society."

    Donald Kossmann

  • Insights into people and places

    Know your residents. Build smarter cities. Recognize changing demographics, population trends and evolving infrastructure needs in every neighborhood.

    "If we want self driving cars in our cities, first, we need to truly understand how people move."

    Georg Polzer

From signal

We capture data at the source.

We work with leading telecom companies and data partners around the globe to capture information about people’s geographical locations, movement habits and demographics; all completely anonymized and aggregated.

Our team of world-class data engineers has built deep technology that is deployed inside data centers, behind telecom operators’ firewalls to process signals from cell towers and other sources. We develop cutting edge machine learning algorithms to translate raw data into rich, actionable insights on human movement.

To solutions

We unlock insights into human mobility.

We at Teralytics are revolutionizing the way decisions are made in urban planning, transportation and travel. Human mobility is complex. The better we understand the way we move, the better we can build the cities, mobility spaces and transportation systems of tomorrow.

We believe in unlocking the power of data to change the cities we live in, solve real-world business problems, enhance people’s lives, and ultimately benefit the world. Read about our latest achievements working with smart cities, transportation operators and businesses.

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