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The Teralytics approach transforms transportation planning and operations by providing up-to-date mobility insights of unprecedented accuracy and inclusiveness. Wave good-bye to partial or outdated information and guesswork.

Enabled by Teralytics

Deutsche Bahn (DB), the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe, uses Teralytics’ mobility insights to provide seamless journeys across its network. By understanding people’s mobility patterns and changing travel needs, DB can increase fleet capacity when and where it is needed to adapt to fluctuations in demand. It allows the railway operator to effectively respond to any disruptions, such as those caused by adverse weather conditions, and thereby contribute to smooth operations – every day.

Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH is a Teralytics investor.

Respiro, the carsharing brand of SEAT, the Spanish automotive manufacturer and a leader in urban mobility, worked with Teralytics ahead of its service launch. Respiro wanted to better understand traffic patterns in Madrid to determine where its service was most needed, and how it could help make the city’s mobility ecosystem more sustainable.

The Volkswagen Group has chosen to use Teraytics’ insights into people’s mobility needs as part of its planned initiative to provide public transportation departments, as well as private mobility providers with an understanding of where and when their services can best meet the demand. The vision for the program is to create a traffic management solution utilizing quantum computing to be able to predict future traffic flows and enable cities and mobility operators to adjust their services to fluctuations in demand and alleviate congestion.

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Plan and run mobility services with confidence, utilising insight that is based on the most accurate and inclusive indicator of people’s mobility – mobile signal.

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Teralytics Matrix lets you see instantly how people are travelling within your chosen region, and understand how this may be changing throughout the day, weekdays to weekends, season to season, year on year.

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Matrix Custom

Matrix Custom lets you see how people travel within an area defined by you. Set your own parameters – such as geographic reach and timeframe – and overlay your own data to evaluate the performance of your transportation infrastructure or identify opportunities to grow your mobility services.

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Teralytics Pulse provides insights into the current passenger distribution across a transportation network, or an area, to help you run your services smoothly and act on any anomalies as they occur.

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