About Teralytics

Teralytics provides an unrivalled insight into people’s mobility, inclusive of everyone in society.

Our mission is to transform how people’s journeys are planned, operated and accounted for. Using big data and advanced machine learning to arrive at transformative insight, we help our customers to create sustainable mobility solutions that work for everyone, now and in the future.

From improving journey times and making sure that mobility options are accessible to everyone, to increasing operational efficiencies and reducing environmental impact –Teralytics insight helps tackle some of the crucial mobility challenges of our time.

Our approach

Teralytics enables decisions based on the most accurate, inclusive and current indicator of people’s mobility – their mobile devices. A phone is the one thing everyone has with them at all times – and mobile signal is the only consistently reliable data point about human mobility that’s sufficiently precise to be used in transportation planning.

The cell towers receive mobile signals throughout the day and don’t discriminate based on device model or apps being used. This allows us to take everyone’s travel needs into account.

Partnering with telecom operators worldwide to analyze aggregated and anonymized mobile signal data, our approach has allowed our customers to take an exponential leap towards creating mobility solutions that are as desirable as they are sustainable.

The Teralytics Difference

Inclusivity. Teralytics’ unique technology draws population-level insights from the one source that is truly representative of everyone’s needs – mobile signal.

Global insight. Our global footprint enables us to apply our learnings across borders and understand how emerging mobility trends will impact on how people travel no matter where they are.

Product-first approach. Our products are constantly being shaped by our global experience, so all of our customers can benefit from our best practice and new learnings.

Best-in-class accuracy. Mobile signal data is ubiquitous, yet extracting meaningful insight from it is notoriously difficult. Teralytics deploys a number of stringent checks on its data to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. Benchmarks include our clients’ own data, Census, street-level counts and publically available venue and individual mode of transport passenger information.

There are a number of other approaches to try and understand people’s journeys.

Historically, population surveys and physical counters provided a limited view of people’s travel behaviors at a high cost, demanding a significant degree of operational complexity at the same time. This partial understanding took years to arrive at, rendering it outdated even before being put to use. Measuring the impact of any upgrades and new developments, not to mention validating assumptions, has therefore been impossible – until now.

Other methodologies, such as those reliant on GPS-enabled mobile applications, are not representative of the population as a whole.

Careful stewardship of people’s privacy

Teralytics works solely with anonymized data, grouped to create population-level insights. Teralytics is GDPR compliant and ISO-27001 certified. We meet all national and international privacy and security standards applicable in the regions and countries we operate in.