Mobility providers

Run mobility services where and when people want them.

Transport infrastructure

Make the most of your infrastructure - now and in the future.


Usher the new era of car travel.

Tourism consultancies

Attract and manage tourism traffic with up-to-date mobility insights


Engage your audiences at the right time and place with dynamic insights


Access the most current mobility trends in your area.

Matrix Trends

Analyse trends over time and visualise outcomes

Teralytics Streets

Plan and optimise traffic flows using a complete view of traffic data from your area.

Careers at Teralytics

We are an international, dynamic team that works hard, but also likes to spend time together.
Why work at Teralytics?

We are a team of engineers, data scientists and domain specific experts working together to solve for important real-world challenges:

  • How can transportation networks across the world cater to everyone’s needs?
  • How do we make sure that mobility services can improve urban travel while reducing transportation’s impact on the environment?
Interested in working at Teralytics?

Check out our open positions here.

If you don’t see any suitable positions, but would still like to get in touch, please send us an email with your CV and we’ll get in touch when we have relevant openings.