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Información sobre la movilidad para la nueva era de los desplazamientos


El futuro de los viajes y la movilidad está en sus manos.

El enfoque de Teralytics transforma la planificación y las operaciones de transporte ofreciendo información actualizada de la movilidad con un grado de precisión y detalle inigualable. Diga adiós a las conjeturas y a la información parcial u obsoleta.


Deutsche Bahn (DB), the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe, uses Teralytics’ mobility insights to provide seamless journeys across its network. By understanding people’s mobility patterns and changing travel needs, DB can increase fleet capacity when and where it is needed to adapt to fluctuations in demand. It allows the railway operator to effectively respond to any disruptions, such as those caused by adverse weather conditions, and thereby contribute to smooth operations – every day.

Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH is a Teralytics investor.

Respiro, the carsharing brand of SEAT, the Spanish automotive manufacturer and a leader in urban mobility, worked with Teralytics ahead of its service launch. Respiro wanted to better understand traffic patterns in Madrid to determine where its service was most needed, and how it could help make the city’s mobility ecosystem more sustainable.

The Volkswagen Group has chosen to use Teraytics’ insights into people’s mobility needs as part of its planned initiative to provide public transportation departments, as well as private mobility providers with an understanding of where and when their services can best meet the demand. The vision for the program is to create a traffic management solution utilizing quantum computing to be able to predict future traffic flows and enable cities and mobility operators to adjust their services to fluctuations in demand and alleviate congestion.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) spearheads land transport infrastructure development in Singapore. Teralytics, drawing on mobile data by M1 Limited, has been working with the LTA for over four years to help deliver seamless journeys across one of the world’s most advanced public transportation systems. Teralytics provides critical insights on mobility patterns across Singapore’s rail and subway networks to help improve connectivity of various mobility services, and identify opportunities to put in place attractive public transport alternatives to car travel.

FlixBus, part of FlixMobility, offers a new alternative for convenient, affordable and environmentally-friendly travel across Europe and the US. Since 2013, FlixMobility has been changing the way people travel all over the world. In 2019, 62 million people travelled with FlixMobility. FlixBus uses Teralytics Matrix recurring insights to help inform its network planning and scheduling.

NASA GmbH oversees the planning of the rail passenger transport in the German state Saxony-Anhalt. Teralytics provided NASA with an origin-destination matrix with zoning adapted to NASA’s needs. This helped inform the placement of select regional train stations.

NASA was also able to arrive to the following insights by utilizing Teralytics data:

  • Potential passenger demand for local rail services (the SPNV lines) that connect cities with surrounding areas
  • Optimal approach to scheduling of the Saxony-Anhalt rail-bus network
  • Passenger demand for both existing and potential PlusBus and TaktBus lines

Existing analyses, such as transport demand in local public transport, commuter statistics and transportation modeling could be validated and refined using Teralytics insights. This enabled NASA to plan new services in its rail-bus network with a high degree of certainty with regard to the expected demand, which was previously not possible. With very low total traffic flows, especially in rural areas, a spatial and temporal aggregation of the data was key to obtain accurate understanding of the population’s mobility needs.

What NASA had to say about working with Teralytics:

“Working with Teralytics was uncomplicated and constructive. Due to a close cooperation throughout the project, we were able to quickly identify and resolve any issues, and therefore ensure the right outcomes.”

The NWL is one of the agencies responsible for organizing local rail passenger transport (SPNV) in North Rhine-Westphalia. The NWL worked with Teralytics to understand mobility patterns in its region, in order to understand optimal placement of the regional train stations.

The team was also able to arrive to the following insights by utilizing Teralytics data:

  • Potential impact of reactivating certain routes
  • Likely impact of introducing an express bus network
  • Demand analysis for introduction of regional express lines
  • Ways to optimise local public transport overall

Deeper understanding of people’s mobility in the NRW region enabled better informed transportation planning decisions.

Marego is a transportation association that plans and coordinates public transport in Germany’s Magdeburg region. Marego worked with Teralytics to understand mobility patterns in its region, in order to understand optimal placement of the regional train stations, and hourly distribution of traffic flows.

Marego was also able to arrive to the following insights by utilizing Teralytics data:

  • Analysis of PlusBus and TaktBus offers
  • Evaluation of the need for potential new connections based on demand
  • Further development of the Verbund tariff offer

The Teralytics insights have helped to evaluate total traffic flows much more finely than with previously available data. For leisure travel in particular, a sound understanding of people’s mobility needs within the region is now available for the first time, and can be evaluated on an hourly basis.

Teralytics was able to deliver the data to Marego’s specification, which combined with existing traffic data led to a deeper understanding of mobility in the region. As a result, both mode of transport and fare offers in the Marego network area can be tailored ever more closely to the needs of customers, thereby attracting new passengers.

What Marego had to say about working with Teralytics:

“Within a few weeks, Teralytics was able to provide us with reliable regional data on mobility within in the Marego network area, precisely tailored to our requirements. This enabled us to use the data seamlessly in ongoing projects.”


Construya las redes de transporte del futuro.

Planifique y opere servicios de movilidad con confianza, utilizando información basada en el indicador más preciso e inclusivo de cómo se mueven las personas: las redes móviles.

mobility data insights
mobility data insights

Teralytics Matrix le permite ver al instante los desplazamientos de la población dentro de la región seleccionada y saber cómo pueden cambiar a lo largo del día, entre los días de diario y los fines de semana, de una estación a otra, de un año para año.

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