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Helping Berliners travel better

Three million people take advantage of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe’s (BVG) robust public transit system every day. It takes great effort to ensure that the complex network of metro, tram, bus and ferry lines runs smoothly and on time — day in, day out.

In order to keep in step with the changes in mobility needs, as well as with the adoption of new mobility technologies — understanding how people move across all modes of transportation sits at the core of public transport operators’ ability to provide the highest standard of service excellence and customer care.

We at Teralytics are therefore extremely proud that we will provide BVG with statistics through which they can gain an inclusive and up-to-date insight into the mobility needs of its travellers.

Teralytics’ proprietary technology empowers cities with a unique view of mobility patterns within city limits and its surroundings. In addition to short-distance mobility patterns, cities also work with us to understand the volume and frequency of long-distance travel along the pathways that connect them with other urban areas and key points of interest.

It means cities of all sizes and levels of transportation complexity can plan for eventualities and adapt to changing mobility trends. Importantly, as is the case with BVG, it means they can improve the everyday journeys of their citizens and visitors by catering to everyone’s needs.