Mobility and COVID-19

Teralytics is supporting global efforts to manage the impact of COVID-19.

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Helping you respond to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the need to understand human mobility to the fore. Teralytics uses advanced machine learning to arrive at an up-to-date understanding of how daily mobility patterns may be changing, using the most accurate, inclusive and current indicator of people’s mobility – mobile signal.

Our dashboards offer an immediate understanding of how people are traveling and how this is changing – day to night, weekday to weekend, month to month.

Health authorities
  • Understand where and when to place restrictions on population mobility
  • Assess impact of social distancing measures
  • Evaluate where hotspots may occur
  • Inform allocation of health resources
Emergency response
  • Inform rapid response strategy and initiatives
  • Track impact on a daily basis
  • Evaluate economic impact of the pandemic
Mobility providers
  • Keep key stakeholders informed with accurate, up-to-date insights
  • Understand the impact on your operations:
    • Enable accurate revenue forecasting
    • Adjust timetable and fleet capacity
    • Track the recovery
  • Improve future emergency response planning
Transportation planners
  • Understand daily changes to traffic flows and movement
  • Evaluate how short-term restrictive measures may impact on long-term mobility behaviors
  • Improve future emergency response planning
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Teralytics COVID-19 insights

Is the world slowing down fast enough?

Teralytics has been working with the world’s leading health institutes, research organizations and media to help understand the role of mobility in risk assessment, prevention and management of the virus.

United States

Teralytics has partnered with Johns Hopkins University, a preeminent research university in the United States, that has been at the forefront of the international COVID-19 response. Teralytics is working with the university’s team of experts to help improve risk assessment and decision support efforts related to COVID-19.


Teralytics has partnered with the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Germany’s disease control and prevention research institute, to provide mobility insights to be used in the RKI’s ongoing investigation into the spread and prevention of COVID-19.

In order to bring our insights to the general public and encourage people to stay at home, we also partnered with Germany’s media portal Bild to help people across the country see how their region is slowing down during this time.


Italy is the European epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restricting mobility at the population level has played a key role in the gargantuan effort to slow down the spread of the virus.

Teralytics has partnered with Italy’s leading newspaper, La Repubblica, to demonstrate the importance of staying at home.

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