Matrix FAQs

Teralytics’ proprietary machine learning-based approach allows you to imagine and create transportation services that are based on real, current needs of everyone in your community.

  • What is Matrix used for?

    Matrix provides instant visibility of where and how people are travelling in your area, and how journey patterns are changing over time – using the most current, accurate and inclusive mobility insights available.

    Transportation planners use Matrix to validate and execute projects confident in their lasting positive impact on the quality of journeys in their communities. Reducing travel times and carbon emissions, while increasing the adoption of public transport are some of the key objectives that Matrix is helping them tackle.

    Mobility providers use Matrix to understand people’s travel needs and, in turn, run their operations more efficiently. Identifying how their services can best cater to people’s daily journeys, extending the lifetime of their fleet, and demonstrating where their services can complement public transport are top-of-mind goals when using Matrix.

  • What is the technology underpinning Matrix?

    Teralytics’ unique technology draws population-level insights from the one source that is truly representative of everyone’s needs – mobile signal. We’ve partnered with telecom network operators to derive a deep understanding of how people travel around and between cities based on data that is inclusive and accurate.

    Due to its complexity and scale, mobile network data has traditionally been nearly impossible to understand. That’s why we’ve pioneered a way to translate it into actionable insights, using machine learning. For more information about our technology, see here

  • How is Matrix more accurate than alternatives?

    We apply stringent checks to ensure the highest level of accuracy of our insights. We validate our findings against on-the-ground observations and a series of external measurements, such as ticket sales and Census data.

    Our extrapolations are based on large samples representative of the population as a whole, ensuring unrivalled accuracy of our insight. In comparison to other methods of studying mobility – such as data from surveys, apps and in-car GPS systems, mobile signal provides the most stable population sample to draw reliable insights about people’s mobility needs. For more information on our methodology, download our ebook Inclusiveness and Accuracy: The route to better mobility planning.

  • Where is Matrix available?

    Matrix is currently available in the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria and Ireland. Additional countries will be added soon. If you have a question regarding Matrix availability in your country, please contact us.

  • Why do I need regular refresh of my mobility data?

    One-off methods of studying people’s mobility needs can’t keep pace with how people travel today. In order to truly take into account how people’s travel behaviors are changing – whether weekdays to weekends, season to season, or year-on-year – we believe that transportation planners and mobility providers alike need an instantly accessible, accurate and inclusive understanding of mobility trends in their area.

  • How can I purchase access to Matrix?

    Matrix is available on a monthly subscription basis. If you would like more information on packages and pricing, please get in touch.

  • Is Matrix in compliance with privacy laws?

    Teralytics works solely with anonymized data, grouped to create population-level insights. Teralytics is GDPR compliant and ISO-27001 certified. We meet all national and international privacy and security standards applicable in the regions and countries we operate in.

  • Can I upload custom layers into Matrix?

    Yes, you can add custom layers in GeoJSON format. You can then manage them with ease within our Matrix app.

  • Can I use Matrix to analyze mobility trends within a custom area?

    Matrix provides instant access to pre-defined mobility data sets across territories we operate in. If you’d like to learn about our custom solutions, please get in touch.

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