Matrix Trends

Analyse mobility behaviours over time.

Mobility behaviours at a glance

Reach important decisions faster

Matrix Trends is a powerful module that builds on our existing Matrix capabilities. It enables you to quickly identify and understand key mobility trends in your area via an easy-to-use dashboard.

Understand key trends immediately

Get the full picture of what the data is telling you at a glance

Act on what matters most

Spot deviations and know where to focus

Be prepared for what's to come

Know what to expect based on a sophisticated analysis of past cyclical trends and variability

Keep everyone informed

Present and share reports with automated summaries

Reduce digestion time

Say goodbye to complex data analysis and tedious PowerPoint creation

Analysing data and creating charts used to take a lot of time. Now, we can interpret information and understand what matters just by looking at the dashboard.

Unravel complexity with Trends

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Explore daily, weekly or monthly mobility patterns and view summary statistics for the time periods of your choice. As you change the time range, charts and statistics update in real time.

Impact analysis

Time-series charts
Visualise fluctuations in human mobility over time. Depending on the Matrix dataset and filters used, time series charts are available for a variety of attributes such as total trip volume, mode of transport, trip type and purpose.

Chart summaries
Make sure everyone can understand your key findings. Short summary statements accompany most time-series charts and are generated in real time to reflect your chosen time frame.


Know what to expect in the upcoming weeks based on past cyclical trends and variability.

Even if you’re not a data expert, you can see key developments concisely.

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