What does mobility say about recovery across Europe?

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Mobility providers

Run mobility services where and when people want them.

Transport infrastructure

Make the most of your infrastructure - now and in the future.


Usher the new era of car travel.


Access the most current mobility trends in your area.

Matrix Trends

Analyse trends over time and visualise outcomes

Matrix Custom

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Ensure better journeys as they happen.


Access the most current mobility trends in your area.
Teralytics Matrix improves journeys

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Instant journey insight.

Teralytics Matrix lets you see instantly how people are travelling within your chosen region, and understand how this may be changing throughout the day, weekdays to weekends, season to season, year on year.

Make everyone’s journeys better

Prioritize infrastructure upgrades and improve traffic flows by understanding where people travel to and from.

Run services that meet demand

Improve scheduling and deploy your fleet when and where it is needed the most.

Understand market opportunity

Adjust pricing and competitive positioning by understanding where people wish to travel.

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Schedule a demo to learn more about how Teralytics Matrix can help you understand mobility trends in your area.

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Use cases

Urban transportation planners

A transportation planning department of a mid-sized city in Germany uses Teralytics Matrix to prioritise road maintenance projects and improve traffic flows through signage and signaling. Understanding how people move within and in and out of the city, helps the team identify where new roads should be built or existing ones modernized. With the ability to evaluate mobility trends over time, transportation planners can more easily envision what’s to come and plan infrastructure projects with a long-term impact.

Regional transportation agencies

A regional transportation agency uses Teralytics Matrix to ensure that public transportation caters to the needs of everyone in the region. The insight allows them to improve night-time and weekend scheduling, and offer a choice of transportation links to encourage people to opt for public and shared mobility services over individual car use.

Mobility operators

A world’s leading long-distance bus operator is utilizing Teralytics Matrix to inform route planning and scheduling. Understanding how people travel between select cities and points of interest, the team is able to act on travelers’ emerging needs, understand market opportunity, and adjust pricing and competitive positioning where needed. By adjusting operations and schedules to meet the demand, the bus operator is able to maximize revenue and utilize its fleet more efficiently.

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Matrix Custom
Matrix Within set area
Matrix Custom Within / incoming / outgoing / through the study area
Matrix Immediate
Matrix Custom Upon completing feasibility checks and computation
Time range
Matrix Monthly
Matrix Custom Custom
Matrix Included
Matrix Custom Optional
Traffic volume comparison
Matrix Hourly (or daily and three hourly), weekday-weekend, monthly
Matrix Custom Custom timeframes
Trip length
Matrix Included
Matrix Custom Included
Most frequent origin-destination pairs
Matrix Included
Matrix Custom Included
Mode of transport
Matrix Long distance
Matrix Custom Long distance and within city, including mobility-as-a-service (ride-sharing, ride-hailing)
Trip purpose
Matrix Included
Matrix Custom Included
Matrix Custom Routes
Trip duration
Trip frequency
Commercial vs non-commercial traffic
Hub analysis (airports, stadiums, venues)
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