Teralytics Streets

Plan and optimise traffic flows using a complete view of traffic data from your area.

Traffic analysis at street level

Make sustainable choices about traffic in your area

Teralytics Streets allows you to optimise traffic flows in your road network by giving you instant access to street-by-street traffic volumes and trip patterns that occur any time of the day, any day of the week.

  • Understand what traffic really looks like in your area

    Analyse traffic flows across your network and how these may be changing over time.

  • Manage congestion

    Identify high-traffic corridors and understand what’s causing them.

  • Identify opportunities to shift traffic from passenger cars to green travel modes

    Measure travel demand by location and between activity centres to determine where to introduce attractive alternatives.

  • Answer key questions quickly

    Use traffic volumes to answer market, policy or research questions without the need for field counts or surveys.

  • Evaluate impact

    Measure the impact of new infrastructure, changes to traffic regulation or new policies.

This will help us right away in deciding routes and stops for moobil+, which is our innovative public transport service.


Teralytics Streets will allow us to view and analyse the routes used by traffic to/from important employment centres.


Wow, that is what we need! We now have the possibility to understand the traffic to the city island and the thermal baths, which both attract large numbers of tourists and visitors.


Know your traffic inside out

Complete overview

View and explore recent hourly, daily, weekly or monthly traffic volumes across your road network. Select and view peak hour patterns, 24-hour totals or averages for the calendar period that is relevant to you. As you change the calendar and time selections, charts and map displays are instantly updated.

Corridor flows

Teralytics Streets provides a single overview of where the busiest roads and corridors are in your area. You can choose to see where traffic is gridlocked during peak hours or on weekends.

Route analysis

Dig deeper into the route choice causing the traffic volumes on any specific road segment. See immediately where traffic is coming from and going to – by date, time of day and direction. Alternatively, select two areas and see how the traffic that travels between those areas is distributed across different routes.

Change over time

Compare traffic volumes across the network, or on a specific road between calendar periods, to immediately see where and how traffic may have changed.

How our customers use 
Teralytics Streets

Project prioritisation and accountability

Transportation planning departments use Teralytics Streets to gain an overview of traffic volumes across their road networks. Understanding which parts of the network are used the most helps to prioritise investment in road maintenance projects, answer questions from city leaders, and create long-term mobility plans.

Reducing carbon emissions

Understanding the route choices that create high-traffic corridors provides a key insight in determining where planning and service provision choices can help shift travel from passenger cars to public transport and active travel modes, such as cycling. Monitoring how traffic volumes change over time allows policies and investments to be evaluated.

Identifying root causes of congestion

Citizens of a mid-sized city complained about traffic clogging their residential streets. The transportation planning department used Teralytics Streets to confirm the root cause of daily congestion on specific local streets. Workers driving to and from major employment centres used residential streets to avoid delays on regional roads. Equipped with this knowledge, the city is now able to design measures to influence driver choices and to manage flows across the network.

Encouraging modal shift to public transport

Two cities in Germany are working to develop public transport services that attract users who would otherwise use their personal vehicles for local travel. Both cities have multiple activity and residential centres, so determining optimal routes and stop locations presents a challenge. Using Teralytics Streets to identify traffic volumes by road segment has allowed the two teams to precisely understand travel demand by location and between key activity centres.

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