Teralytics’ acquisition of Streetlytics creates a truly global, independent analytics platform.

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Teralytics Solutions

Transform how people travel by understanding where the opportunities are.

Transportation planners

Create a transportation network that caters to everyone’s needs.

Mobility providers

Run mobility services where and when people want them.


Make the most of your infrastructure – now and in the future.

The future of automotive

Usher in the new era of car travel.


Teralytics solutions

Make transport work for everyone.

From improving journey times and making sure that mobility options are accessible to everyone, to increasing operational efficiencies and reducing environmental impact – Teralytics insights helps tackle some of the crucial mobility challenges of our time.

How Teralytics Can Help

Improve journeys for everyone. See how, when and why people travel to understand how to relieve pressure on main routes, where mobility services are needed, and whether everyone’s needs are accounted for.

Make the most of your resources. Optimize infrastructure investment decisions to better meet your region’s needs​.

Reduce carbon emissions. Identify opportunities to lower road traffic through introduction of more public transit services and low emission zones.

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