Location-based intelligence for better targeted campaigns

Engage your audiences at the right time and place with dynamic insights

Mobility behaviours at a glance

Identify optimal locations for engaging your audiences throughout the day

Teralytics enables brands to understand consumer mobility without sacrificing data privacy. By leveraging Teralytics’ insights, brands can engage with their audiences at the right time and place, improving relevance of their geo-targeted campaigns, without using any online identifiers.

  • Inform campaign planning

    See where your target audiences are at different times of the day, how this may be changing over time, and adjust your campaign coverage accordingly.

  • Optimise your out-of-home billboard network

    See which billboard locations match where your target audiences are.

  • Understand how you audiences’ mobility behaviours are evolving

    Teralytics provides brands with access to historic and up-to-date insights about which geographical locations present most opportunities to engage audiences within a specific demographic profile.

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