Mobility providers

Run mobility services where and when people want them.

Transport infrastructure

Make the most of your infrastructure - now and in the future.


Usher the new era of car travel.

Tourism consultancies

Attract and manage tourism traffic with up-to-date mobility insights


Engage your audiences at the right time and place with dynamic insights


Access the most current mobility trends in your area.

Matrix Trends

Analyse trends over time and visualise outcomes

Teralytics Streets

Plan and optimise traffic flows using a complete view of traffic data from your area.

The future of automotive

Usher the new era of car travel.

Lead the way

Between launching electric cars into the mainstream and diversifying into services, the automotive industry needs a deep understanding of people’s mobility behaviors to inform strategy and engage partners and regulators.

Car sharing

Teralytics works with automotive companies around the world to provide insight into market demand for car-sharing services.

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How Teralytics can help

Introduce car-sharing where people can benefit the most: See how, when and why people travel to identify unmet needs and adjust your fleet coverage.

Know where to be visible: Gain a deeper understanding of the types of people who may want to utilize your services to understand where to focus your marketing.

Win regulators’ approval: Demonstrate the positive impact of your services on reducing carbon emissions and improving people’s mobility within cities.

Electric vehicles

Automotive companies use Teralytics’ insight into people’s travel behaviors to inform their research and development, as well as go-to-market strategy.

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How Teralytics can help

Create a successful EV roll-out strategy: Understand market potential for electric vehicles and how to address barriers to adoption.

EV infrastructure

Launching electric vehicles into the mainstream requires a new understanding of market demand for car travel, a robust network of charging stations, a rethink of the electricity grid – and a coordination of efforts by OEMs, regulators and the various EV infrastructure providers.

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How Teralytics can help

Turn smart city agenda into reality: Apply insight into how people travel to enable policies and initiatives that encourage adoption of electric vehicles and zero-emissions mobility services.

Drive preference for electric cars among drivers: Understand people’s mobility behaviors and market potential.

Eliminate range anxiety: Know where to place charging stations to encourage EV uptake.

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